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Knit and Crochet Stuffed Animals

Knit and crochet stuffed animals may not be so furry but they are just as adorable and audacious!  Just how charming? How cute?  We are happy to introduce you to our sister website, Heebobo, a perfect world where bunnies rule!  This is a world of crochet bunnies with all the glitz, glamor, and adventures  (big or small)!

In order for the knit and crochet stuffed animals to be able to keep up with the everyday adventures, there are a few things to be aware of in terms of cleaning and care.  These stuffed animals are made with yarn that can from a vast variety of fibers, which  can  range from wool, alpaca, angora, cotton, linen, silk acrylic fiber  (just to name a few).

The key considerations to note in terms of taking care of this type of stuffed animal:

  • Types of fiber of the yarn
    • Many natural fibers (such as wool, angora, alpaca) do not react well with detergent and heat
    • Cotton and linen fibers tend to be washer-friendly, but both these fibers do not hold their shapes too well (ie. they may be loose in certain areas after washing)
  • Loose stitches
    • Stitches may come loose, do not pull! Use a needle to weave it the loose ends.
  • Stuffing material
    • Depending on how the knit and crochet toy was made, it is  tricky to replace the stuffing materials.   (more details to come on this)

If you do not know the fiber of the yarn, do not despair! There will be future posts about how to clean these friends.  We will bring you all the tips and lessons learned from our experiments.  (Note: No stuffed animals were harmed during the experiments.)


Monday morning


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